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Parking Information:

We have free parking!! Our parking lot is located on the corner of Grove and Hilliard. Enter from Grove St. and park only on the right side facing the ‘Reserved for People’s Acupuncture‘ signs. This is free parking!!
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Free parking

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Local vs. Distal Acupuncture

Local vs. Distal Acupuncture

We get a lot of people asking questions like: "If I'm sitting in a recliner chair how can you address my back pain? Don't I have to be lying face down for that so you can needle my back?" The answer to that question is, we can treat your back pain very effectively...

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Heat vs. Ice

Heat vs. Ice

Heat vs ice... the big question! There are many conflicting opinions on this topic and it can be very confusing! The main source of these differing opinions stems from the belief that ice reduces inflammation and pain, and is thus beneficial to injuries. For this...

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Chinese Medicine and Covid-19

Chinese Medicine and Covid-19

A lot of people have been asking us about Chinese Medicine treatments and Covid-19. As of now there has not been a lot of conclusive information as to the effectiveness of Chinese Medicine for this virus. However, during the SARS epidemic Traditional Chinese herbal...

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