The People's Acupuncture of Asheville

An Affordable Community Clinic

55 Grove Street
Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 254-4098

Clinic Hours
M 11-7 (Aimée)
T 11-7 (Sam)
W 11-7 (Aimée)
Th 9-2 (Aimée)
1-7 (Sam)
F 11-7 (Sam)
Sat 9-2 (Sam)
Sun 12-5 (Aimée)

Sam will be out of town May 15th through June 5th. Aimee will be covering all appointments during this time. Hours Sunday through Wednesday will remain the same. Please note the following changes:

Thursday, May 17th, 24th and 31st: 11-7
Friday, May 18th, 25th and June 1st: 11-5
Closed Saturday, May 19th, 26th and June 2nd.
Closed Sunday, May 13th and June 3rd.


Parking Information: Please park in the lot on the corner of Grove Street and Hilliard Avenue. Parking along the stone wall is reserved for the clinic with no fee.


I came to People’s Acupuncture with many health issues. After a month of coming in for treatments twice a week I have seen notable improvement for the symptoms of fibromyalgia. With the affordable rates that People’s Acupuncture offers I can continue to receive on-going treatments. I anticipate continued improvement and health. Thank you for community acupuncture.


Asheville, NC

I can’t imagine regular self care and wellness without acupuncture. I love the community setting and the affordability of People’s Acupuncture.


Asheville, NC

I lived with terrible pain in my left shoulder for over a month. I couldn’t sleep because of the pain. Taking medication did not help. One treatment at People’s Acupuncture and the pain was gone in 24 hours.


Asheville, NC

I felt as if my reclining chair was moving around as if I were on a Ferris wheel. It made me smile!


Asheville, NC

I came in to get treated for excessive sweating and low energy from cancer treatment. After my second visit I had no more sweats and my energy is through the roof. Not bad for a guy with cancer! The best part is, I can afford to come in for regular treatments and everyone here is great
Thanks everyone.


Etowa, NC

By my fourth month of pregnancy, I was in excruciating pain from hemorrhoids. I decided to give acupuncture a try as an alternative to surgery. By my second week [of treatments] I went from sitting on a knife to almost complete relief. My OB was astounded by the results I got from regular acupuncture treatments. Up until now she had never seen any of her pregnant patients get relief from hemorrhoids during pregnancy. Acupuncture has also helped with all the extra weight I have been carrying around.
Thanks People’s Acupuncture.


Arden, NC